Makka Eye Hospital  Uttara Free camp Ramadan 2019


The  Iftar Party  Makka Eye Hospitals Uttara 2019

Iftar party on Wednesday , May 08, 2019


Free of Cost International Eye Camp .
Albasar International Foundation  16 November  2018


Free of Cost International Eye Camp .
Albasar International Foundation  2 November  2018


Free of Cost International Eye Camp .
Makka Eye Hospital Uttara  25  May 2018 .


Free of Cost International Eye Camp .
Rajshahi District at 4th of May 2018 .


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 Free Eye Camp 16 February 2018 ঠাকুরগাঁও জেলা



Free Eye Camps



Free International Eye Camps  Al basar International Foundation

Date: 27-10-2017






Free International Eye Camps  Al basar International Foundation

Date: 13-10-2017





The Big Iftar Party of Al-Noor & Makka Eye Hospitals


Al-Noor Eye Hospital, Lalmatia, Dhaka and Makka Eye Hospital, Uttara, Dhaka have jointly organized a big Iftar party on Monday, June 12, 2017 at Rawa Convention Hall in Dhaka. Dr. Ahmed Taher Al-Manbari, National Coordinator of Al-Basar International Foundation and chief executive of Al-Noor and Makka Eye Hospitals has been present as chief guest at this occasion.  Employees of both hospitals were very happy to participate in this marvelous Iftar Party despite the heavy rain throughout the day and Unusual traffic congestion in Dhaka.

Every year a big Iftar party is organized by all four eye hospital branches  run by Al-Basar International foundation in Bangladesh. This is given in honor of doctors, administrator and all employees of the hospitals. However, this year Al-Noor Eye Hospital and Makka Eye Hospital held the party jointly to make the occasion more joyous and delightful.

National Coordinator expressed his delight and great happiness for the success of the occasion.

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Ifter Program of



Makka Eye Hospital, Uttara is an organ of Al-Basar International Foundation. The main target of this hospital is combating avoidable blindness and help people get rid of eye diseases and restore their sights again.   In the month of Ramadan, which is the month of virtue and charity works, the hospital is more generous in giving away whatever is possible for the deprived and poor people. In each month of Ramadan a special discount is offered for cataract operation for all patients

In addition to that Makka Eye  Hospital, Uttara,  arranges Ifter Program in it its premises every day where needy and deprived people living in the surrounding areas enjoy delicious Ifter and pray to Allah for the prosperity of the country and the Muslim Ummah. All  praise is due to Allah.


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Ramadam  2017 for any Eye Operation 

10 % Discount  Makka Eye Hospital Uttara 1230




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      My name is Khorshed. My father’s name is himmat Ali. I belong to misekara village in Tangail district. I am 80-year-old and I had cataract in both eyes. I heard that Al-Basar International Foundation does operation for free. First I did operation in one eye at one of its charity camp, then I did surgery of other eye in their another camp. […]

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