Free Treatment Days


ABID (before)

Al-N0or Eye Hospital organizes day-long free treatment program time to time in different parts of Dhaka and surrounding areas, especially in the places where patients can get easy access to our hospitals.  In these days
not only was every patient diagnosed, treated and provided with medication, but they could also do surgeries free of cost in many cases or with nominal fees affordable for them. People of all ages, including women, children, and men have been beneficiaries of the camps launched on these days.
The outcomes of these days during the past 23 years were as follows:
Total number of days: —–
Total number of patients screened: —-
Total number of surgeries conducted: ——


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  • Everyday Open 2020

    Saturday to Thursday

    Morning Shift : 8:00 am to 2:30 pm
    Evening Shift : 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm
    Friday Shift : Off

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    • Thanks to Al-Basar

      My name is Khorshed. My father’s name is himmat Ali. I belong to misekara village in Tangail district. I am 80-year-old and I had cataract in both eyes. I heard that Al-Basar International Foundation does operation for free. First I did operation in one eye at one of its charity camp, then I did surgery of other eye in their another camp. […]

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